Epson printer may encounter several issues. But you can solve them on your own. Go through the suggested steps and follow accordingly. In case of any problem, contact Epson Support.

Epson Printers are the printer manufactured from the Epson Work Force series that can be effortlessly connected to your system. It is the next generation printer that can be easily linked to your system. It is a wireless multi-function printer that can also be connected via Bluetooth. But sometimes, you may face error code 0x69 due to a certain reason. You must have to overcome this issue. To do this, go through the given steps. And if you need expert advice then contact Epson Support. Experts will give you the best solution to your problem by snapping fingers.


Foremost Causes of Epson Printer Error Code 0x69

Epson Printer Error Code 0x69 is a common error that you can come across during printing a document. The main reason for the occurrence of this error is due to the wrong configuration of system files. Some major causes for this error are given below.

  • Cancelling the registration of the Epson Printer.
  • Missing files of the Epson Printer.
  • Unable to locate the path, “%PROFILES 64%\WISDOM\Bluetooth Software\Epson WF 3640”.
  • Bluetooth application cannot be started as the mandatory component is misplaced.
  • Violation access.

Step by step guide to fix this Epson printer error

Given below are the full described steps that you can perform to overcome this blunder.

  • In general, the error code 0x69 occurs in the Epson Printer because of the circuit issue that can be related to the printing motor or ink system issue. So, you have to turn ON the printer and plug it off rapidly. This process should be done when your printer is boosting. You have to wait for a while for at least 15 minutes and then reboot your system again.
  • Find any updates regarding your Epson printer. It is a very common error that happens in the printer and can be solved easily by updating the printer.
  • It is recommended that you should have at least Windows 7 operating system installed on your computer system, if you are operating Epson WF 3640 & 3620 Printer, as the former versions are not compatible with the same.
  • Switch on your computer and hit the Windows Start icon from the Task bar.
  • In the Search section, write Windows Update and then press Enter on the keyboard.
  • Windows Update option will be shown in the dialog box, hit on it to start the process.
  • After this process of upgrading your Windows is accomplished, reboot your system.
  • Log in to the system as an Administrator.
  • Go to the “Start” option again and hit on the “All Programs and Accessories” option.
  • Hit on the “System Tools” and then dab“System Restore” option.
  • A dialog box will be presented on the system, choose the “Restore my computer for an earlier time” option and click on the“Next” tab.
  • Finish this process by choosing the newest system restore section and then hit“Next” about the confirmation window to finish this process completely.
  • Next, reboot your system.

Now, you can take the print out of your desired thing using the Epson printers. You can solve your issue by performing the above steps. But in case, you need assistance, you can dial Epson Support Phone Number. Experts will help you to sort out your problem and gives you the best tips and tricks so that you will not face the same issue in the future.


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