Epson printers are the most efficient printer in terms of operations and features. But, some issues in that can lead to a great trouble. So, to solve this issue, contact the experts and get their service for your Epson printer.

In the past, paperwork was so time taking process as it was done manually. So, it was difficult for people to complete urgent tasks frequently. With the growth in technology, methods of work have changed and electronic products have successfully managed to save people’s time. Doubtlessly, with the innovation of printers, paperwork took a backdoor and completing work’s no more a task.

Epson is one of the most popular brands, particularize in manufacturing advanced printers for users across the world. When it comes to producing high-quality or high resolution printing devices, Epson is unbeatable. The company presents a wide range of printers including dot matrix printers, inkjet printers, laser printers, color printers, etc.

But, some issues may create in this printer such as paper jam problem. This is the biggest feedback of this Epson printer. Don’t worry about it. Simply just follow the below steps and know how to fix Epson printer support paper jam and feed problems.

Resolve paper jam issue

Paper congestion can be very frustrating, particularly when it occurs continuously. Here are some steps you can take when you want to fix a printer that has an issue of paper feeder jam. Some of the places to check for Epson Printer Paper Feed Problems are:

  • Paper feeder
  • Paper tray
  • Inside the printer
  • Paper jam glitch

How to fix paper jam issue

  • Unplug your printer and wait for a minute. Then, restart it.
  • Do not pull the paper out from a jam condition in the opposite direction as this will make more trouble.
  • Now confirm that there are no loose paper stuck in the loading tray.
  • Take out the paper roller and clean it with a cotton cloth carefully.
  • Next, try to move the print-head in the left and then restart the printer.
  • After powering on the printer, then, restart your computer and check whether it is working
  • properly or not.
Methods to solve the paper feed issue
  1. Leading Edge problem

If something is inaccurate with the leading edge of the paper which implies the side that goes in first then the printer may not load it. Just check for folds, creases, tears, or such type of damage as the printer can only load proper pages as they go straight into the rollers.

  1. Paper curl issue

If the paper is curling in the improper way which means it is rolling outward in terms of the rollers, then the printer rollers might not be able to take it properly. Here you have to withdraw all the papers and search for curls at the edges. De-curl all the improper papers and then load it again. You can also use a de-roller to make that paper proper.

  1. Friction within sheets

This will be the situation when you load multiple sheets at the same time. Here, the front sheet might not drop into the rollers as it may be stuck with the next sheet. In such a situation, you can try fanning and pushing all the papers to loosen them up.

  1. Dirty rollers

In some cases, dust can also be in charge for the paper feed issues. By passing time it can build up on rollers which results in the loosened grip. Because of this, the roller fails to grab a paper. Most of the manufacturers provide a cleaning sheet when you buy the product, with the help of that you can clean the rollers. If you don’t have a cleaning sheet, then you can remove the dust with the help of a sticky paper. Dab the sticky sheet on the rollers and pick all the dirt with care.

  1. Narrow paper

In some models of Epson printers like Epson Stylus Pro 3800, you can face this issue of narrow paper as it shows the problem while picking up narrow papers. Usually, it accepts a US Letter sheet type. Here you can solve this issue by feeding papers from an automatic feeder. However, the automatic slot will also have problems if the paper will be smaller than 4 x 6 inches. To print something on smaller size paper, you will have to hold it straight so that it can move in the slot correctly.

  1. Black area of a paper

When the paper has some black area or spot on it, then it has the chance that the printer may not sense the paper.  Assure that you feed all white papers so that no such problem creeps up.


Mostly these steps will help you in resolving the Epson printer paper jam issue. However, if you still face Epson printer paper feed problems, then, contact an expert who has relevant experience of providing quality printer repair services. To get this service contact Epson support number and grab the opportunity to serve by the experts.

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