Are you facing Epson error code 0xea? Get the solution here. Go through these steps and solve your issues in no time. Contact Epson Support for help.

Are you going through the Epson Printer Error Code 0xea while operating your printer? This is one of the most common error that Epson printer encounter. This error code befalls when either the carriage caddy in the printer is jammed due to some packaging material being trapped or if the cartridges are not positioned correctly. Error 0xea may also happen if there is an obstruction, carriage fault, or paper jam within the printer. So, here are the effective steps to eradicate this error. Perform these steps accordingly. In case you want any technician help, contact Epson Printer support. Experts will listen to your problem and give you the best tips and tricks to get rid of it.

Main causes of Printer Error Code 0xea

This error usually encounters on the new printers either because they are not installed or configured properly. Given below are some causes of this error code.

  • Holders are not placed properly.
  • Caddy is jammed
  • Arranging or installing

How to manually fix Epson Printer Error Code 0xea?

To resolve the error message, perform the below suggested steps.

  • Switch off your printer and detach the power and USB cable.
  • Raise your Epson printer cover and test and take out any traces of jammed paper, tapes, material, or anything else that is trapped inside.
  • Check whether the ink cartridges are seated properly or not.
  • Keep the cover back and connect the power cord again.
  • Switch on your printer and see if the error message has been resolved or not.

If this won’t work for you, switch off your printer and take the cartridges out of the printer and prudently check them to see if any material is left there on the cartridges. If nothing is there, keep the cartridges back to the printer and check again.

What to do if the above method won’t work?

Still, if the error persists, contact Epson Printer Support. By dialling the toll free number, you will get in touch with the experts and they will ask for your problem. Explain your problem to them and they will give you the best advice to deal with that problem. The best part is that you can call anytime. Experts are present round the clock for their customers. So, get up and place an instant call to resolve your issue as soon as possible.


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